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Natural wig TABIA Silver Blonde



Perucile BELHER sunt universale, acestea fiind reglabile cu ajutorul unor elastice in spatele perucii, pentru maximum de comfort

The TABIA wig is made of 100% natural Remy hair, and the top part is monofilament type so that you can change the parting which side you like in order to make your look as real as possible.

The monofilament wig has the top made manually hair-by-hair. The back and sides of the wig are made of open braids for a better air ventilation letting the scalp breathe.

The wig is pre-stylized and ready to wear but it can be adjusted by cutting or haidressing it as you wish.

The size of the wig it's universal, adjustable from the inside with the help of two rubber bands.

Care instructions TABIA wig:

  • Brush the wig before washing. It doesn't have to be tangled.
  • Pour some special shampoo in a recipient with warm water, introduce the wig and then shake lightly. Do not rub the wig!;
  • Rinse the wig in a recipient with clean warm water. Do not wash the wig under the water jet;
  • After you rinsed the wig pour some special conditioner in a recipient with clean warm water, let it act for 10 minutes then superficially rinse it. Take rid of the water excess by swabbing with a dry clean towel;
  • It is recommended to dry the wig naturally on a stand, but you can accelerate the process using a cold or hot air hair-dryer;
  • Do not brush the wig while it's still wet. After the full drying apply special live-in spray and begin the brushing from the tips towards the root;
  • The cleaning process it is recommended after apx. 10-14 wears;
  • After washing and drying, the natural hair wig can be hairdressed.

Out of respect for hair none of our products gets to our clients before passing quality control. We are comitting that every wig made of natural hair will rise to your expectations.

Color Code: 24G

Hair type: 100% natural Remy

Texture of hair: Straight

Base type: Monofilament

Heat resistant: Yes

Size: Universal – adjustable

Length: 60 cm