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The Beth Balayage wig

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Perucile BELHER sunt universale, acestea fiind reglabile cu ajutorul unor elastice in spatele perucii, pentru maximum de comfort

The Beth wig in Balayage tones is a Front Lace wig made of syntheic thermoressistant long (60cm), curled hair.

The Front Lace wigs are more popular than ever. Not long ago these wigs were very expensive and were made only for Hollywood. Now, they are more accessible and very appreciated for their natural look.

The Beth Balayage wig creates the illusion of the natural plantation of the hair in the frontal part because of the very fine lace on which is manually attached every hair. The lace is specially made so it can adapt to most of the skin tones being almost invisible. The result it's an incredible natural hair.

The Front Lace Technology allows you to tie the hair in a ponytail without making the wig distinguishable.

Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYEz_d2ZHIQ to see how easy to wear are the wigs Belher.

Care instructions:

  • Wash the wig with warm/cold water and with special products for synthetic wigs;
  • Let the wig dry naturally on a stand or on a mannequin head. The wig will retake its initial shape.Do not use heating sources (hair-dryer, flat iron, curling iron);
  • Use a special brush in order to avoid galvanization;
  • Keep the wig on a stand while not weared.

Cod toned: SOH62-613
Tip Par: Fibra Speciala
Textura Par: Ondulat
Tip Baza: Front Lace
Termorezistent: Da – Max. 180°C
Vopsire: Nu
Marime: Universala – Reglabila
Lungime: 60 cm