Ondulator Par 13 MM
Ondulator Par 13 MM
Ondulator Par 13 MM
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Ondulator Par 13 MM
Ondulator Par 13 MM
Ondulator Par 13 MM

Curling Iron 13 MM


The Ceramic Curling Iron has the diameter of 13mm and it's ideal for afro hairstyles, but also for elegant curls.

The upper part of the curling-iron is insulated (it doesn't heat) and it has a rotary mechanism.
The handle is covered with 100% rubberized plastic to protect your skin while using it.
The ceramic covering of the curling-iron guarantees the fast obtain of amazing curls, silky and elastic.
Ideal for all types and lengths of hair.
Elegant, light and with an ergonomic non-slippery design.

The LCD Screen Indicators
• Blue: 60 – 160 Celsius degrees. It heats. The temperature is between 60 and 160 degrees.
• Green: 161-185 Celsius degrees. The heat is perfect. 165-170 degrees work for damaged hair, 175-185 Celsius degrees are more appropriate for a healthy hair.
• Red: 186 – 210 Celsius degrees. This temperature is high and is good for thick and healthy hair.

The alimentation will immediately interrupt giving the following conditions:
1. After the electricity overcomes 3A (normally, the electrical power has 2 A)
2. One of the buttons is broken. On the screen will appear the message: ERR
3. If it's not used during 1 hour.

Display LCD
Diametru: 13 mm
Invelis ceramic
Incalzire rapida
Voltaj: 110-220V
Frecventa: 50-60Hz
Cablu rotativ 360 Gradee
Lungime cablu: 2.5 m
Temperature options: 60°C - 210°C
Garantie: 12 luni

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