Aramiu Cheratina Premium
Aramiu Cheratina Premium
Aramiu Cheratina Premium
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Aramiu Cheratina Premium
Aramiu Cheratina Premium
Aramiu Cheratina Premium

Keratin Extensions Premium Copper


The semi-permanent Keratin Extensions are made of Natural Remy hair, toned Copper, from the Premium- Extra Volume spectrum.

The set is made of 25 pcs (1g/pcs) and can easily adapt to any hairstyle.

Available lengths : 45 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm

How to apply the Keratin Extensions ?

They can be heat applied by a specialized person in apx 60 minutes.

They are applied "hair by hair" so they come in locks

In functie de necesitate si preferinte, se pot monta pana la 8 sets de The Keratin Extensions:

  • Extra volume: 2-3 sets Keratin Extensions
  • Full Head: 4-5 sets Keratin Extensions
  • Double Volume: 6-8 sets Keratin Extensions

They can be kept 3-4 months depending on how fast your hair grows and once fixed, doesn't need any intervention.

Best quality on market

The Keratin that the extensions have in them is 100% natural so mounted up by a specialized person won't affect your hair.

The Keratin extensions Premium „Copper” are made of 100% Natural Remy Hair of the highest quality because the cuticles are kept intact. These are manually oriented to avoid tangeling.

Ratia hair este de 95/5 (cea mai mare ratie existenta pe piata extensiilor de par), ceea ce inseamna ca parul este de aproximativ aceeasi lungime. So the density of the hair is kept from the base to the tips, eliminating the unaesthetic look of thinned hair.

The wuality of the keratin extensions Premium „Copper” is very high so with a proper care they will have a healthy and silky look for a long time.

Can be stylized or toned.

Cod toned: 30;
Par Drept;
Par Indian 100% Natural, Remy (Cuticule Intacte);
Ratie: 95/5 (Cea mai inalta: firele de par au aproximativ aceeasi lungime);
Grade: 5A (AAAAA);
Sistem de prindere: Cheratina
Can be stylized or toned;
Setul contains 25 pcs (1g/p);
Extra Volum: 2-3 Set; Full Head: 4-5 Set; Dublu Volum: 6-8 Set.

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