Blond Cenusiu Extensii Clip-On
Blond Cenusiu Extensii Clip-On
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Blond Cenusiu Extensii Clip-On
Blond Cenusiu Extensii Clip-On

Curled Clip-On Extensions Grey Blonde


The Clip-on extensions toned Grey Blonde are made of synthetic thermoresistant fiber. With their help you'll have a richer and longer hair.

The set is made of 8 different widths braids that can easily adapt to any style. The hair can be loosen or grabbed, as you wish.

The Clip-On extensions set made of synthetic hair, curled and long Grey Blonde has:

  • 1 braid X 25 cm width;
  • 2 braids X 15 cm width;
  • 1 braid X 20 cm width;
  • 4 braids X 5 cm width.


The thermoresistant fiber extensions are less expensive than the natural Remy hair ones, but of a higher quality than the synthetic regular fiber.

The Clip-on extensions are very popular because you can easily apply them in your home, without the stylist's assistance.

Watch our video to see how easy to apply are the clip-on extensions.

Cod toned: 24
Tip Par: Fibra Sintetica Termorezistenta
Textura Par: Ondulat
Mod de aplicare: Clip-On
Termorezistent: Maxim 130 C
Vopsire: Nu
The set has 8 braids: 1X25cm; 1X20cm; 2X15cm; 4x5cm

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