Coada Deluxe Light Grey
Coada Deluxe Light Grey
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Coada Deluxe Light Grey
Coada Deluxe Light Grey

Deluxe ponytail Light Grey


Detachable ponytail, Light Grey tone, from the Deluxe spectrum- Double Volume.

The ponytail Deluxe Light Grey helps you obtain an extraordinary effect in just a few seconds.Because of the double quantity of Natural Remy hair that is made of, you can create either a cozy look or a sophisticated one, as you please.

How do you attach the Deluxe ponytail:

-          Grab your hair in a tail or in a bun.

-          Set the ponytail's clip above your tail or bun.

-          Rotate the two ribbons around it and the tail is perfectly fixed. There's no risk that your ponytail will slip or move.

The result : a rich and long hair in just a few seconds.

We invite you to watch our video to get an idea about the final look.

Why choose the detachable Deluxe ponytails:

-          Made out of natural Remy hair of the highest quality.

-          The cuticles of the natural hair are impeccably attached.

-          The hairs are manually oriented in the same direction so your extensions won't get tangled.

-          The hair ratio is 95/5 (the highest on the market), which means that the tips are approximately at the same length so the density of the hair is kept from the base to the tips, eliminating the unaesthetic look of thinned hair.

-          The quality of the tails is very high (Gradee 5A), so this way, with a proper care, they will keep their healthy and silky look for long time.

-          They can be stylized, dyied or blended.

• Cod toned:Grey
• Dublu Volum
Par Drept;
Par Indian 100% Natural, Remy (Cuticule Intacte);
• Ratie: 95/5 (Cea mai buna de pe piata: firele de par au aproximativ aceeasi lungime);
• Grade: 5A (AAAAA);
• Sistem de prindere: Pieptanas+Panglica
• It can be stylized, dyied or toned.
• Acest produs este inregistrat cu o serie unica inscrisa pe Certificatul de Calitate alaturi de care vine insotit.

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