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The Deluxe Clip-on Braid Highlighted Brown

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The Clip-On braid toned Highlighted Brown from the Deluxe- Double Volume spectrum.

The Clip-On braid is definitely a very simple, safe and practical solution to add volume and length to your hair.

The Clip-On braid Highlighted Brown can be fixed with the help of 5 micro-clips.

Watch this video to see how easy to apply is a clip-on braid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLZhicRMQNg

Because of the density of this clip-on braid you will enjoy double volume with minimum of effort.

The Clip-On braid Highlighted Brown from the Deluxe- Double Volume spectrum, is made of 100% Natural Indian Remy hair.

The Natural Remy hair is distinguished because :       

➔    is human hair collected from one donor

➔    has the cuticles intact and alligned in one direction, diminishing the risk of tangling or deterioration.

➔    it's very ressistant, it can be toned or stylized.

➔    it has the same length in a 95% percentage so the density of the hair will be kept the same from the roots to the tips, in order to avoid the thinned aesthetic looks..

The quality of this braid is very high, so after the cleaning process will look healthy and silky.


• Cod toned: P6-613;
Dublu Volum;
Par Drept;
Par Indian 100% Natural, Remy (Cuticula Intacta) ;
• Ratie: 95/5 (Cea mai buna de pe piata: firele de par au aproximativ aceeasi lungime);
• Grade: 5A (AAAAA);
• width: 28 cm (5 micro clipsuri);
• It can be stylized, dyied or toned.