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Clip-on extensions VIP Foxy Brown

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Clip-on extensions toned Foxy Brown from the VIP- Triple Volume spectrum are made of Natural Remy hair, straight and long (60 cm).

This type of extensions are one of the most popular because you can apply then at home, no specialized person needed..

Watch our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcKGvr2dW7M to see how easy to apply are the clip-on extensions (indicative video with a Deluxe spectrum example).

The Premium 100% Natural Remy hair extensions have micro-clips with a silicone band for a better adhesion. Very discreet, they are invisible and comfortable.

The Clip-On extensions set Foxy Brown VIP it's made of 10 braids with different widths that can be easily adapted to any type of hairstyles:

• 2 braids X 20 cm width

• 2 braids X 15 cm width

• 2 braids X 10 cm width

• 4 braids X 5 cm width

The 100% Natural Remy hair Clip-On VIP extensions have micro-clips with a silicone band for a better adhesion. Very discreet, they are untraceable and comfortable.

The 100% Natural Remy hair extensions are considered being a best quality product because their hair cuticles are intact. The hairs are manually oriented in the same direction in order to avoid tangling, as in the case of Non-Remy natural hair may happen.

The hair ratio is 95/5 (the highest on the market), which means that the tips are approximately at the same length so the density of the hair is kept from the base to the tips, eliminating the unaesthetic look of thinned hair.

The quality of natural hair extensions Foxy Brown from the VIP spectrum is very high so with a proper care they will have a healthy and silky look for a long time.

Can be stylized or toned.

Use these extensions to add triple volume to your hair!

• Cod toned: 33
• Triplu Volum;
Par Drept;
Par Indian 100% Natural, Remy (Cuticule Intacte);
• Ratie: 95/5 (Cea mai inalta: firele de par au aproximativ aceeasi lungime);
• Grade: 7A (AAAAAAA);
• The set has 10 braids Triplu Volum;
• Can be stylized or toned;
• Acest produs este inregistrat cu o serie unica inscrisa pe Certificatul de Calitate alaturi de care vine insotit.