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The VIP Clip-on Platinum Blonde extensions

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The Clip-on Platinum Blonde braid is part of the VIP - Triple Volume spectrum.

The VIP Clip-on Platinum Blonde extensions are definetly a simple, safe and practical method to add triple volume and length to your hair. Can be fixed by 5 micro-clips.

Because of the richness that this clip-on braid has, you will enjoy a triple volume for your hair with the minimum of effort.

The Clip-on extensions from the VIP spectrum is made of 100% Indian Natural Remy hair.

The Natural Remy hair is different because:       

➔    it's human hair collected from one donor.

➔    its cuticles are intact and the hairs are aligned in one direction, reducing the risk of tangling.

➔    it is very resistant, it can be dyed toned or hair dressed.

➔    it has the same length in a 95% proportion so the density of the hair it's kept from the base to the tips, eliminating the aesthetic aspect of thinned hair.

The quality of this extensions is very high so after washing, the Remy hair keeps its healthy and silky aspect.

• Cod toned: 60;
Triplu Volum;
Par Drept;
Par Indian 100% Natural, Remy (Cuticula Intacta) ;
• Ratie: 95/5 (Cea mai buna de pe piata: firele de par au aproximativ aceeasi lungime);
• Grade: 7A (AAAAAAA) – (Cea mai mare rezistenta in timp);
• width: 30-32 cm (5 micro clipsuri);
• It can be stylized, dyied or toned.