Blond Miere Tape-In VIP
Blond Miere Tape-In VIP
Blond Miere Tape-In VIP
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Blond Miere Tape-In VIP
Blond Miere Tape-In VIP
Blond Miere Tape-In VIP

VIP tape-on extensions Honey Blonde


Tape-On/Tape-In Extensions toned BlondMiere, from the VIP- Triple Volume spectrum are made of Natural Remy hair.

The Tape-On extensions are from the last generation of semi-permenent extensions. They can be cold-fixed in appx. 30 mins. with the help of a very resistant adhesive tape, close from the hair's root, sandwich-style, by a specialized person.

The look can last regarding how fast your hair grows. They can be reused up to 6 times if they are well-cared. They can be used once at 6-8 weeks away.

The set of tape-on extensions (with adhesive tape) toned Honey Blonde, from the VIP- Triple Volume spectrum, has 20 pcs X 4 cm width.

Available lengths : 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm.

The quality of the hair is the highest on the market (grade 7A ), so this way, with a proper care, they will keep their healthy and silky look for long time. The cuticles of the Remy hair are kept intact .

The hair ratio is 95/5 (the highest on the market), which means that the tips are approximately at the same lenght . So the density of the hair is kept from the base to the tips, eliminating the unaesthetic look of thinned hair.

The VIP Tape-on extensions Honey Blonde Can be stylized or toned.

See here how you can apply them:

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